I firmly believe every person should try and start a business by the time they are 30. Everyone seems to aspire to work for someone, but really, we are all potential entrepreneurs. The size or success of the venture isn't anywhere near as important as the business skills and life lessons you take away from it. bevan slattery, founder and owner

An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for innovation

Capitalb is a dynamic company that owns and operates a growing portfolio of diverse, forward‐thinking businesses.

Founded by Bevan Slattery, a successful and experienced entrepreneur, Capitalb focuses on building inspirational, innovative businesses that are at the forefront of their respective sectors.

The Capitalb portfolio spans multiple industries with interests in telecommunications, real estate, marine operations and film and tv production services.

Capitalb is a positive, can‐do company with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for innovation and community spirit.

Our primary investment goal is medium to long term capital growth

Capitalb invests in disruptive business models that challenge the status quo. Ideally these businesses leverage technology to change their industry and enhance customer experience.

When assessing a potential investment, Capitalb considers following factors:

  • Innovation and disruption
  • Use of technology;
  • Industry dynamics;
  • Founder/'s commitment to their vision;
  • Capital requirements and deployment plan

As Capitalb is focussed on capital growth, a patient and measured approach to investment is taken. If we believe in a business and invest, then our goal is to help management to grow the value of the business and by association the value of our investment. We don't invest in startups and early stage businesses to make a quick profit ‐ if we’re with you, we're there for the long haul.

Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC)

Bevan founded Superloop Ltd in 2014 with a vision of designing, constructing and operating dark fibre networks in the Asia Pacific region. Bevan seed funded the original investment in network in Australia and Singapore which saw Superloop hold substantial fibre assets in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in addition to a substantial duct network in Singapore.

In June 2015, Superloop raised $17.5 million in an IPO and has recently completed strategic acquisitions of APEXn Networks Pty Ltd and Cinenet Pty Ltd. In December 2015, Superloop announced a major network expansion into Hong Kong after signing a binding contract with a leading corporation for the construction of a 110km (approximate) fibre network.

In September 2016, Superloop announced the strategic acquisition of BigAir Group Limited (ASX:BGL) via a Scheme of Arrangement.

Bevan currently serves as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Superloop and continues to be a major shareholder of the company.

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Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1)

Created and headquartered in Brisbane, Megaport is a start-up turned ASX-listed company that has evolved into a powerhouse within the tech industry. Megaport makes connectivity easy and enables digital transformation and cloud adoption for enterprises.

The Company is now the global leader in Software Defined Networking and provides flexible, direct, on-demand connectivity. Rapid growth since inception has resulted in over 730 customers, and 165 enabled data centres in 37 cities across 19 countries. Megaport is partnered with the top five global Cloud Service Providers: Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle, Microsoft, and Google.

Established in 2013, founded by Bevan Slattery, and led by Vincent English, Megaport is making huge waves with its innovative services. Bevan continues to be a major shareholder of Megaport and is actively involved through his position as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board.

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Whether you're looking or wanting to be found, Cloudscene is the world's most comprehensive reference point for colocation data centers, cloud service providers and interconnected fabrics.

Cloudscene has raised the bar for data reliability and integrity with our powerful search capability and comprehensive database of more than 4,800 data centers and 4,400 service providers across 110 countries.

Bevan founded Cloudscene in 2015 is the sole director and shareholder.

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Great Latitude

Bevan founded Great Latitude in 2007. The company was formed with the purchase of its first vessel, Pure Adrenalin, which services the Brisbane and Greater Moreton Bay region and provides a unique location for functions, parties, and corporate events.

In 2016, Great Latitude bought its second vessel, Argo, to service the North Queensland coast and beyond. Argo Expeditions operates out of Cairns and is particularly tailored to offer dive charters, research expeditions and a unique corporate experience on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

Find out more about Pure Adrenalin and Argo Expeditions.

Clinician Connect

Co-founded by two leading Brisbane medical professionals, Clinician Connect aims to increase efficiencies in connecting clinicians by replacing time-consuming and inefficient methods of connecting clinical professionals with revolutionary software that leverages the latest mobile app technologies.

Bevan is a director and shareholder of Clinician Connect and a firmly believes the software will revolutionise its industry and improve patient outcomes by helping clinicians spend more time with patients and less time doing administration.

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Quixotic Group Pte. Ltd.

Founded in 2015 by two leading IT&T entrepreneurs in Singapore, Quixotic is a software company building Cloud-based solutions (SaaS) addressing the complex lifecycle of Infrastructure projects. Quixotic is building innovative solutions to help their customers streamline business processes and enhance collaboration between the multiple parties involved (customers, partners and contractors) using cloud and mobile technologies.

Originating and currently focussed on the telecommunication sector, Quixotic’s software solutions have broad applications in a wide range of Utility companies. Their solutions are used today to survey and maintain several communication networks totalling more than 4,000 maintenance access points in Singapore and help to deliver significant savings in network maintenance costs.

Thanks to his experience in large infrastructure projects, Bevan is well aware of the importance of network management and believes that any technology that allows better network oversight with less resources will substantially improve network uptime and customer experience.

Bevan is a major shareholder and director of Quixotic Group Pte. Ltd.

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Founded in 2012 by Bevan Slattery and telecommunications industry veteran Edward (Ted) Pretty, SubPartners is committed to a vision that will deliver a new paradigm in independent submarine cable development.

In March 2016, Subpartners signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singtel and Telstra to build a new international submarine cable system connecting Perth to Singapore.

Bevan is a majority shareholder and director of Subpartners.

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Founded in 2013 by Bevan and Emmy award‐winning cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick, Biopixel promotes the uniqueness, diversity and conservation of nature through the development of entertaining, engaging and educational visual content of the highest quality.

Biopixel has rapidly become one of Australia’s premiere filming companies specialising in natural history behavioural sequences for both clients and also for its own specialist library. Building on over 20 years experience, Biopixel is at the forefront of technology utilising the latest filming equipment including 6K RED DRAGON cameras and 4K Phantom Flex high‐speed cameras.

Bevan is a director and shareholder of Biopixel.

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Cloudstaff was founded in 2005 by Australian Internet entrepreneur Lloyd Ernst with an initial focus on software development for western markets. In 2010, Cloudstaff identified the Philippines as an emerging market for outsourcing services and expanded operations to the region, commencing with a small team of only seven staff. As a result of the successful expansion, the company was able to extend its service offerings and workforce to over 700 staff across 6 different regions.

Having worked in the Australian internet industry with Lloyd in the 2000’s, along with serving as a director of PIPE Networks Limited, Bevan invested in Cloudstaff in 2013 because he was attracted to their values based approach to outsourcing that focuses on client deliverables and a high standard of internal staff satisfaction.

Bevan is a shareholder in Cloudstaff.

Find out more about Cloudstaff

Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust

Founded: 2012

Position: Non-executive Director

Exit: August 2014, on market sale

NEXTDC Limited

Founded: 2010

Position: CEO/MD, Non-executive Director

Exit: October 2014, on market sale

PIPE Networks Limited

Co-founded: 2001

Position: CEO/MD

Exit: March 2010, merger with TPG Telecom Ltd

Iseek Limited (formerly Infopro Technologies)

Co-founded: 1998

Position: Director

Exit: February 2000, acquisition by N2H2 Limited

bevan slattery, founder and owner

A serial entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery has been successfully building IT and telecommunications businesses in Australia for nearly 20 years, and in 2014 expanded his efforts to Singapore and Hong Kong, followed in 2015 by expansion into the USA and Europe.

In 2015, Bevan successfully led two of his private investments to ASX‐listed status. Superloop Limited (ASX:SLC) was listed in June 2015, after an IPO that raised $17.5 million for approximately 19.4% of the company and Megaport Limited (ASX:MP1) was listed in December 2015, raising $25 million for approximately 28.5% of the company.

Significant previous businesses that Bevan has founded include:

  • Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust (ASX: AJD), a ASX‐listed REIT listed in December 2012;
  • NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), an ASX‐listed leading provider of data centre services founded in 2010;
  • PIPE Networks Limited (ASX: PWK), formerly ASX‐listed telecommunications provider co‐founded in 2001 and sold to TPG Telecom Ltd.

Bevan currently serves in various positions for both public and private companies, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Executive Chairman and CEO of Superloop Limited (ASX: SLC);
  • Executive Director and Chairman of Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1);
  • Executive Director and CEO of SubPartners Pty Limited;
  • Executive Director and CEO of Cloudscene Pty Limited;
  • Executive Chairman of Biopixel Pty Limited;
  • Director of Swimming Australia Limited

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